Bluehost Coupons 2016

Bluehost Coupons 2016 – most valuable bluehost coupon and promo codes of 2016.

With a wide range of options and CloudFlare integration, Bluehost Webhosting is a suitable service among web hosting providers. Weebly is a partner of this hosting service whereby you will be able to design a website quickly and easily. If you want to build functional as well as attractive websites, Bluehost has what you need. Though Bluehost lacks some stand-out features upselling too many of things, the service is great overall, and this is what counts today. So read on this Bluehost review.

For Serious Bloggers

If you are a serious blogger, you need Bluehost. This web hosting service will allow you to have your very own website, and you will be able to install your WordPress blog quickly and easily, a decision that may take your blogging efforts to a whole new level. Both experienced administrators and newbies will have everything they want because Bluehost has many hosting packages designed specially for them. In addition to this, Bluehost comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee that will give you peace of mind.

Competitive Packages

Though Bluehost doesn’t offer monthly payment options, you will save some money when you buy its annual packages. As you will only pay around $4 per month, you will be using an affordable yet reliable hosting at all times. Bluehost’s starter package comes with a free domain name, unlimited data transfer per month, ability to design your own site and 100GB of storage. The Plus package has unlimited storage, mailboxes and websites. The Pro version comes with SSL certificate, anti-spam applications, site backup and dedicated IP address.


Bluehost’s VPS hosting has been designed for high-traffic, powerful websites. If you need to meet some compliance requirements, a VPS from Bluehost is the way to go. You will have to fork over around $29.99 a month to get the standard VPS service with 2GB RAM, 30GB of storage and 1TB of data transfer per month. The Ultimate package comes with $199.99 a month with 8GB RAM, 240GB of storage and 4TB of data transfer per month. You can even get discounts when including long-term contracts.

Dedicated Servers and Site Creation

You can get a dedicate server with Bluehost for only $149 a month featuring Linux operating system, 1TB of hard drive, 15TB of data transfer a month, and 16GB RAM. You can even use WordPress to build your website quickly and easily. Remember that WordPress is the leading content management platform out there, and search engines will love your WordPress blog. In addition to this, you can even use Weebly to build a website just by dragging and dropping elements onto your page. Bluehost also comes with amazing e-commerce features such as Dada Mail that will allow you to set up an email marketing campaign quickly and easily. The web hosting provider also features TransFirst payment gateway, ShopSite and Magneto so that you can build an astonishing e-commerce site in no time.


Bluehost is the web hosting service you have been looking for. We give Bluehost a 5/5 rating because of its reliability, ease of use and fair price. So take bold action after reading this Bluehost review.

IPage Coupon Codes 2015

IPage Coupon Codes 2015 – discover the best ipage webhosting coupons in this ipage coupons 2015 listing. Finding valuable ipage coupon and discount codes has never been easier!

Webhosting is a very important aspect that you should consider when building website. If you choose wrong webhosting company, your site is likely to go down, and thus you will lose potential customers, it will negatively affect your site ranking on search engines which will translate to low traffic. In addition, choosing the right webhosting company will keep your site free from malware attacks. Since 1998, iPage has been offering quality webhosting services to its customers all over the globe. It is quickest growing webhosting company with different features and packages for commercial and private websites.


IPage Webhosting

iPage webhosting features

Unlimited domains
With iPage, you can host unlimited number of domains from one account. In additional, when you sign up, the company offers one domain free of charge. To each domain, you can add unlimited number of subdomains. This is an exclusive feature that is only provided by the iPage. Because you are provided with unlimited domain, you can host as many domains as you want and manage them in one place.

iPage easy to use site creation tool
If you choose iPage Webhosting Company, you will be provided with iPage site builder tool. The tools will help you to build complex or simple site that will perfectly meet your needs. The tool supports various content management systems, photo galleries, blogs as well as forum plugins such as WordPress, Joomla, Gallery, and Gbook. If you want to add multimedia files, iPage site builder tool supports Midi File, Flash, Shockwave and Real Video and Audio. There are other things that you will find in iPage site builder tool that will help you build and customize your site easily.

Easy to use
You will find pleasure to work with iPage webhosting. The user interface is seamless, logical and very easy to navigate. Under the control panel, you can customize the features to fit your needs. Whether you are a beginner or veteran, you will find easy to use features that can be customized to meet your unique needs.

Customer services
iPage has an extensive and excellent customer support services. On the website, you will find invaluable tutorials that will guide you on how to get the best out of iPage. They have 24/7 customer services. You can reach the support desk anytime of the day and any day of the week through phone, email, and live-chat support. The phone call will be answered within a minute well you will get email feedback within five hours.

Dedicated and shared SSL certificates
If you want to establish an online business, iPage is undoubtedly the best webhosting company you can think of. They provide SSL certificate that is important to those selling products online. Many webhosting companies provides shared SSL certificate. However, iPage provides dedicated SSL certificate.

Advertisement bonuses
Although many webhosting companies do not provide free advertising credit, iPage offers various advertisement bonuses. They offer $50 Facebook advertising, $100 of free Google Adwords and $25 to use towards Yahoo.

Affordable and different packages
iPage offers quality webhosting services at an affordable cost. They have several packages that will perfectly meet your needs.

Speed and security
iPage as various tools to make your website %100 safe and secure. If you are establishing a commercial website, you should think about the security of your website. iPage as all the security measures to safeguard your security and the security of your customer.

No doubt, iPage is a very good webhosting company with the best features and good price. Whether you are building private or commercial website, iPage webhosting is the best company always.

Hostgator vs Fatcow Webhosting

The success of a business in modern day unlike some eons ago depends on your internet presence. Regardless of the market niche that you are serving and the type of business that you are running. Websites are the avenues used to achieve this much desired internet presence. Of course there are lots of factors that go into determining the actual level of exposure that you get on the internet, in your given niche, but the most basic factor is the web hosting company that you choose. It is vital that you choose the best web hosting company. However, with the man web hosting site being formed day in day out, it can be a bit of a challenge to make a decision of the best company. That said, and to help you choose the best web hosting company, let us do a comparison between the top webhosting companies – Hostgator vs. Fatcow.

Features and plans

To some price is the major determining factor. True, but also the features that come with the prices are also an important consideration to make.

The lowest price per month that Hostgator coupon offers is about $4.95 while Fatcow offers a whopping $6.50 as their lowest price. This goes without saying that Hostgator is the cheaper option. Features provided with these prices include bandwidth, unlimited disk space and POP email accounts. Both companies have these features.


Determining the reliability of a company is not as straight forward as you would think. For starters, you would have to consider the uptime guarantee provided by both companies. You should not however be shocked to see learn that they claim to provide a 99.9% uptime guarantee – almost all hosting sites will claim this. The real determining factor of a company’s reliability is in the facilities that it has working for it.

To ensure that your site is always up and running, Fatcow and Hostgator have several facilities such as data centers, power protection facilities and backup systems.

Fatcow has what many refer to as redundant connections. As such, you are assured that your site will always be up and ruing at any one point in time. If one provider fails, then the other one will be sure to take over. Hostgator on the other hand provides not less than ten providers. In addition to this, Hostgator has hundreds of smoke detectors to help protect your data from possible fire outbreaks. They also have very powerful standby generators that ensure that the servers and hence your site is up 24/7.


You will want to steer clear of companies that do not provide you with web hosting technical support in the event you get into some trouble. Luckily, with Hostgator and Fatcow, you do not need to survive without help. They both make available tutorials, FAQs, website help, Email Help, Knowledge Base and other additional sources to help you in the event you run into a hitch.

In addition to the above, they make available live customer support that is available each and every day of the week regardless of the time. There is always a staff ready to help you out.

Justhost Webhosting

The number of parked domains that you can get through JustHost Webhosting is quite tremendous. This creates a situation where you can can purchase a domain name, The concept of sub domains are quite popular amongst web developers and a large number of business people that wan to increase their web presence. The subdomains at Justhost Webhosting are something that would be popular for a publishing firm that wants to set up different titles for each book that they plan to publish this year. A good web hosting company is also going to help with your overall business plan, particularly when it comes to the concept of Global CDN.

The Business Pro option is something that can give you a larger amount of money to spend on marketing. The concept of getting extra money from JustHost Webhosting in order to develop a marketing strategy is something that can be very helpful as people are working to get into the middle class. You can also find a large amount of customer support when you are dealing with the BusinessPro option. It should be very easy to post information about the different apps that your company can create. People want to be able to see what apps can do. The right webhosting tools make it possible for you to do this. There are different websites out there A new venture capital firm is going to look for companies to invest in, if they know that you are only $9.95 per month for webhosting then it makes things easier for the firm when they want to invest in your company.

Mortgage companies are going to post a lot of important information about the financials of a housing agreement, sort of giving potential home buyers an idea of the mortgage application process. The servers that are tied to a mortgage company’s website have to be placed on a secure server. You have to make sure that people trust your website when they happen to be using it, they want to make sure that different transactions can be properly handled on the website.

Do you really need a credible e-mail account for your website? The e-mail account that you get from JustHost WebHosting is going to give your company a certain amount of instant credibility. JustHost WebHosting is something that can help things grow. You can get 100 e-mail accounts for your company, this will definitely allow your company to grow. You certainly need to be able to say that you were able to grow your network within the company, finding the best way for employees to communicate with each other. You want to be able to highlight different projects that are going on with your company, especially the development of a commercial building.

JustHost WebHosting can make difficult projects get simpler, it can become easier to post audio and video on your website because of the great tools that are available there. The best companies out there should have a chance to rave about their webhosting company. Startups in particular need a lot of help.